Hamilton Beach True Air Glow Allergen Reducer

Since my preschooler and baby started showing signs of having allergies, besides dusting and vacuuming constantly, we wanted to try Hamilton Beach’s True Air® Glow Allergen Reducer ($80).

It reduces airborne allergens including mold spores, dust mites, dust, pollen, and pet dander. With features such as a permanent 99% HEPA-grade filter and super-quiet operation, you can use this ultra compact allergen reducer horizontally or vertically. The ionizer setting, with its lovely blue glow, will release negative ions into the air, which attracts positively charged particles to further clean the air. It’s designed for medium-sized rooms, around 160 square feet. The best thing is you won’t have to touch a dirty filter! Just vacuum it clean every three to six months with a small hand-vac.

To set up the allergen reducer, just pull off the front panel, take out the HEPA-grade filter out, take off the plastic packaging, pop it back in and put the front cover back on. Use the low setting when you want it to be quiet, medium for all day use and high speed when allergens are at their worst.

Final Verdict: My children really seemed to suffer less from their allergies when I used it in our living room/kitchen area. It was so quiet that we barely noticed that it was on. We’re big fans and are considering getting a couple more for the other rooms in our home.

— Nancy

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