October 30, 2014 06:00 PM

The Halloween witches are brewing up something sweet!

Before your costumed kiddies crash from a surplus of sugary treats, cuddle up with your little ones to read the tale of SwitchCrafted — and introduce them to a few wise witches, who are in need of a helping hand.

Written by Audrey Kinsman, the 20-page book tells the story of the Switch Witches, a group of whimsical witches who rely on piles of candy that they can convert into energy.

And from the fuel for their brooms (because the gas station just won’t do!) to keeping their haunted huts warm, the little ladies are in need of a whole lot of colorful confections.

Courtesy SwitchCrafted

After all, what’s a witch without her trusty broomstick or her bubbly cauldron?

So how does the spooktacular switch work? After kids unload their loot, they can swap their sweets for a special toy that won’t break the bank with trips to the dentist!

And if the witches have their fill of fuel, families can use the Halloween candy to come up with their own special creations — including Boo Bananas and Skeletons or Ghost and Mummy pizzas.

Talk about a wickedly good win for everyone!

Courtesy SwitchCrafted

Boo Bananas and Skeletons

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Ghost and Mummy Pizzas

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— Anya Leon


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