Halle Berry's pregnancy cravings


During her Things We Lost in the Fire press junket, Halle Berry spoke to The Insider’s Lara Spencer. She shared with Lara that she has been experiencing cravings for salty things, especially pepperoncinis, which are mild and sweet Italian peppers that have a slight heat. They are commonly pickled and used in salads, sandwiches, antipasto, and as a garnish, but Halle seems to enjoy them solo.

She told Lara,

I just eat them out of the jar and then drink the juice!

About.com’s Pregnancy Guide Robin Elise Weiss tells us that the most common cravings among pregnant women are for sweet, salty, spicy, and bitter foods. Craving non-food items, also known as pica, is also common, though not healthy- women have been known to eat dirt, cigarette ashes, laundry starch, etc. and is usually a sign that your body is deficient in some crucial nutrients. If you crave these items, consult your doctor! Robin also told me that my pregnancy craving of ice was a form of pica and that I probably had a folic acid or iron deficiency.

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What foods did you crave during your pregnancy?

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