Halle Berry talks about her 'solid maternal instincts'


As she’s said before, playing a mother in Things We Lost in the Fire was a powerful experience for Halle Berry, 41. Currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, Halle says "it was a joy" to be ‘mom’ to her on-screen kids Micah Berry and Alexis Llewellyn — and not only during the warm and fuzzy moments. During one scene, when Halle’s recently-widowed character is depicted grieving at the kitchen table, Micah laughed at an inopportune time. Says Halle,

I was getting frustrated, but [director] Susanne [Bier] made me realize that mothers can sometimes get fed up with their kids. And I impulsively just grabbed his face because he wouldn’t stop messing up the scene.  Moments like that made me feel like a mother, because that’s what a mother would do. She’d stop the nonsense and not feel guilty about it!

Halle adds,

I realized I had solid maternal instincts and I felt a real connection.

Halle and Gabriel’s baby is due in March.

Source: Birmingham Post

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