Halle Berry Says Love For Nahla is 'Real'

Halle Berry is in love and she’s not afraid to tell the world. Completely head over heels for her daughter Nahla Ariela, Halle tells Essence magazine during her photo shoot that the profound feelings for her daughter are uncharted waters for the new mom. Sharing that it’s “a different kind of love” than those of the past, the 42-year-old reveals she would stop at nothing to protect her baby girl.

“I thought I loved before, but no, I was just playing around. This is like, what real love…I mean I would take a bullet for this child and think nothing of it.”

Despite almost 11 months having passed since the actress welcomed her first child with supermodel Gabriel Aubry, Halle’s amazement over her baby girl seems to grow stronger every day. Confessing “not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about myself,” the proud mama is excited by the opportunity to relive her life through Nahla’s world. “I see everything for the second and third time,” says Halle, adding, “I get to recapture my childhood and the wonder of what life is all about.”

Source: Essence

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