March 31, 2014 04:00 PM

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After becoming a mother later in life to daughter Nahla, Halle Berry never believed more kids were in the cards for her.

But in July 2013, the actress married Olivier Martinez and the couple welcomed a son, Maceo-Robert, in October — an unexpected blessing that Berry never saw coming.

“I just feel great because I have another baby. I never thought that at my stage in life another baby — and a baby boy — was coming to me,” the Frankie & Alice star, 47, tells Extra.

Not only does she feel wonderful, but Berry — who showed off her svelte shape less than four months after childbirth — has already bounced back from her pregnancy.

She credits her quick turnaround to nursing and healthy eating habits.

“Every mother should breastfeed. It’s the quickest way to shed the initial weight and then you have to eat right,” she explains. After five years of being an only child — “a good distance between them so there’s no jealousy,” Berry points out — Nahla, 6, is relishing her new place in the family.

“She’s very serious about her big sister role. It’s like one of her doll babies came alive,” the mom of two shares. “She gets to take care of him, feed him, change his diapers, play with him, dress him up in different clothes like five times a day because she can, so she loves it.”

Berry has switched gears and is currently working alongside Steven Spielberg on a new TV series, Extant. And while she’s “always wanted to work with” the director, she admits there’s been a definite learning curve to juggling the long hours with two children.

“What I’m learning to do — trying to right now — is find the balance … my baby is always with me on set,” she says. “I bring my daughter after school. I have a nursery there, a playroom for her, so I try to make it as nice as I can for them to spend time with them, see them.”

But her show isn’t the only one on her mind. With her husband’s new role in Revenge, the actress admits she’s been tuning in to see the sexy star.

“I’m going to follow his little arc along. I’m very proud of him … I think he’s delicious,” she says.

— Anya Leon

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