Update: Halle Berry poses for InStyle and discusses her 'geriatric' pregnancy

Update: Quotations and photos added.

Originally posted January 7th: Actress Halle Berry, 41, poses for the February issue of InStyle magazine. She and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry expect their first child in March and are keeping the sex a delivery surprise. However, they think they may have an inkling:

‘Isn’t She Lovely,’ by Stevie Wonder, hasbeen playing a lot in our house. And for some reason, that song keepscoming up on my iPod too — even though it’s on shuffle. We’re like,’It’s a sign! It’s a girl!’

Halle says she and Gabriel are decorating the nursery in a neutral color palette.

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Other changes are bursts of energy and a beautiful complexion. Halle — who reveals, ‘I stopped drinking diet soda because of the caffeine and aspartame‘ — says she’s feeling ‘fantastic.’

My skin is aglow from all the hormones. I want to stay pregnant forever.

The second trimester, everybody told me, ‘You’ll see, you’re going to be a whole new woman.’ At it’s true! I know it will change in the third trimester, but rightnow I just have so much joy and energy that I feel like I’ve alreadydone 12 things today. I can just go and go and go.

The Oscar-winning actress is keeping busy, working out with yoga, swimming,light weights and an elliptical machine, and becoming a bit of a bookworm.

As you might imagine, all I’m reading are books about pregnancy and motherhood. Right now, for example, it’s Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family ($10) by Dr. Phil.

Apparently she and Gabriel are sharing reading material — he recommended the same one back in November!


One drawback of being an ‘older’ mother, according to Halle, is the labels you’re given.

Did you know this is a ‘geriatric pregnancy?’ I cringe when I hear that. I’m like, ‘Take that off my chart!’

At the same time, she’s realistic.

I may only do this one time, so I want this moment to be as big as it can be. I want the biggest bang I can imagine.

On the subject of names, Halle — who says she won’t be hiring a full-time nanny — reveals that they haven’t yet chosen one.

We haven’t picked a name yet. People are always saying, ‘You haven’t picked out a name yet?’ But I don’t know how you name a baby until you meet it. We [do] know the last name will be Aubry.

Source: InStyle, February issue, p. 82-89.
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