Halle Berry: 'I Want to Stay Pregnant Forever'

"My skin is aglow from all the hormones," she says about her condition's benefits


Pregnancy certainly suits actress Halle Berry, whose first child is due in March.

“My skin is aglow from all the hormones,” the Oscar winner and star of the upcoming Class Act, 41, tells InStyle in its February issue. “I want to stay pregnant forever.”

Berry, who was three months along when she announced her pregnancy by boyfriend Gabriel Aubry in September, says she feels “fantastic” thanks to eating right and keeping fit with yoga, swimming, light weights and an elliptical machine.

“Right now I just have so much joy and energy that I feel like I’ve already done 12 things today,” she says. “I can just go and go and go.”

Berry, who claims not to know the gender of her child, is decorating the nursery in neutral colors and hasn’t even decided on name. Then again, she says: ” ‘Isn’t She Lovely,’ by Stevie Wonder, has been playing a lot in our house. And for some reason, that song keeps coming up on my iPod too – even though it’s on shuffle. We’re like, ‘It’s a sign! It’s a girl!’ ”

Other highlights:

• “As you might imagine, all I’m reading are books about pregnancy and motherhood. Right now, for example, it’s Family First, by Dr. Phil.”

• “When I got pregnant, I stopped drinking diet soda because of the caffeine and aspartame.”

• “When someone is your life partner and he really cares about something, it’s important to care about it as well, you know? So I started taking [golf] lessons and got bitten by the bug.”

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