Halle Berry: 'I hope my child will have the strength of my mother'

Halle Berry credits her mom for her own personal strength, strength which has helped her overcome numerous personal and professional setbacks which would have sent others reeling. So it comes as no surprise that Halle hopes that the baby she’s expecting with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry — due in March — will inherit the same from her.

I hope my child will have the strength of my mother, which my mother passed on to me.  If not, I’ll spend my life trying to impart it…If I can be half as good a mother as my own mother was to me, then I’ll be doing well. 

Her desire to be a mom is something that Halle has made no secret of, and the 41-year-old says that now that the role is within reach "I feel happier than I’ve ever felt before in my entire life." Playing a mom in the film Things We Lost in the Fire only served to reinforce what Halle says she already knew.

I was meant to be a mother.  It’s no mystery that right after we finished the movie it manifested itself in my life because I think I subconsciously knew, ‘Yes, I can do this. I’m really, really ready’.

Also ready, Halle says, is Gabriel — whom she described as "a wonderful man" who will be "a wonderful father to our child." Now that she’s put all film projects on hold, Halle says she’s "just focusing on a healthy pregnancy and learning all I can about motherhood, getting the stroller and crib, and all that kind of stuff."

I’ll probably go back to work soon after I’ve had the baby because I know that in order to be a good mother I have to be a happy, fulfilled, well-rounded person, and my career is very much a part of that. I want to keep working, but my dream is to become the mother I am dreaming of being, and I believe I can be, so I’ll probably be working on that for the rest of my life.

The baby will be the first for both Halle and Gabriel, who have been dating since 2005.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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