Gwyneth's former nanny writes 'How To' book...

by auditioning CBB contributor Kristin

Gwyneth Paltrow’s former nanny, Rachel Waddilove, who spent many of her years as a maternity nurse, has written a book on how to look after your baby during the first year, called The Baby Book: How to Enjoy Year One

. Rachel nannied for Gwyneth’sdaughter Apple Martin shortly after she was born, and Gwyneth had many nice things to say about her in the book’s endorsement.

Gwyneth briefly mentions the traveling they did together, and says that Rachel’s techniques had Apple sleeping through the night by six weeks of age. A testimonial by Gwyneth included on the book jacket reads, "Rachel’s advice on everything from breastfeeding to parenting was invaluable."

In an interview with the UK Telegraph, Rachel was very cautious of what she said regarding the Paltrow/Martin family. Apparently she was very anxious and on edge during the interview, as she did not want to say anything that might upset Gwyneth. However, Rachel did say, "I very much enjoyed working with her [Gwyneth]. I loved them to bits. They are a lovely couple." When asked if she would return to help out the Paltrow/Martin family with infant #2, she answered, "I am not able to confirm that."

So far, the reviews for this book have been excellent. I tried to pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble to rate it myself, but it wasn’t in yet. Have you read or heard about the book?

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Here is the synopsis:

This title offers excellent advice for looking after your baby during the first year. Rachel Waddilove has worked for many years as a private maternity nurse; her clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Ivar Mountbatten. In this book, she draws on her considerable professional and personal experience to advise young parents on everything they need to know about looking after a baby in its first year.

Areas covered include: needs for the nursery; coming home from hospital; breast feeding vs bottle feeding; establishing a routine; sleep; crying; and introducing solid food. In addition to the host of practical information given, Rachel also considers the emotional and social aspects of becoming parents. Rachel’s down-to-earth style and wealth of experience makes this an essential guide for new parents, expectant parents and all who want the best for the children in their care.

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