Gwyneth Paltrow sat down with Access Hollywood on Wednesday while the actress was in Los Angeles to promote her new Estee Lauder Pleasures bath line (she’s been their spokesperson for the last year – click here to see photos of the mother-son duo leaving the Lauder luncheon). In an interview with Billy Bush (click here to watch the video), Gwyneth reveals just why she and husband Chris Martin chose the name Moses for their 5 month old son.

When told by Billy that Moses is a big name to live up to, Gwyneth said, "Well, I think he’s the man to live up to it! When we were pregnant with Apple, if she was a boy, she would’ve been named Moses. We just always had the name…Moses to me is just such an amazing name. Plus, he was born on the holiest Sabbath of the year, which is the Saturday before Passover. And he was born at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York…And it was my father’s Hebrew name." However, she tells Fox News that instead of Moses, they often call him his Yiddish nickname – Moishe!

Gwyneth was also asked about the diet she feeds her children – does she allow McDonald’s? She answered that she tries to feed them whole grains, but laughed, "No McDonald’s. Never. Over my dead body!"

In Apple Martin news, Gwyneth reveals that she’s started a toddler preschool program and is loving it. "She’s having a ball!"

Thanks to CBB reader Jenn.