Gwyneth Paltrow at Peace With Working Motherhood

A death in 2002, a marriage in 2003 and a baby in 2004 forced Gwyneth Paltrow to take a break from acting, and while losing her father Bruce Paltrow to throat cancer was undoubtedly difficult, the 36-year-old Oscar-winner says that those three events opened her eyes to all she was missing. “I thought, ‘There’s actually a real life to be had here that has nothing to do with Hollywood and all of these people and all of this negativity,'” Gwyneth tells the Independent. “I was very happy being a mother for three years, and I honestly didn’t know if the fire would ever come back.”

Come back it did! Gwyneth stars in the new film Two Lovers, but says that it was her small role in 2007’s Iron Man that solidified her need to be a working mom. “It was hard for me some days,” she admits. “I would think, ‘Oh my God, they’re in the bath right now and I’m not there!’ and I would cry in my trailer.” Staying committed to the project was important for Gwyneth, however, who adds,

“I realised that it’s okay for me to want to express this part of myself. It’s why I’m here. I’ll never go back to exploiting it the way that I did. What I have at home was too precious. I also think I have more respect for myself now, so I’ll do things that feel right to me as opposed to trying to please other people.”

Gwyneth is mom to Apple Blythe Alison, 4 ½, and Moses, 2 ½, with husband Chris Martin.

Two Lovers is in theaters now.

Source: Independent

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