Gwen Stefani - "I'm the milk cow" and other revelations

Gwen Stefani, 37, showed up at a Much Music interview for her new album yesterday with 6-month-old son Kingston in tow — and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She remarked,

If they said, ‘You have to do your job, and your baby needs to stay home with your mom,’ or ‘You don’t get to take him,’ then I would be like, ‘Well, forget it then, I’m quitting…but because I get to bring him with me everywhere and do both, I’m doing it.

However, she still apologized — both for being an hour late, and for her lopsided chest.

I was feeding him…I’m like totally lopsided right now, because he only wanted to have one little bit.

For Gwen, who famously wrote the line, "I always thought/I’d be a mom…sometimes I wish/for a mistake," motherhood so far has been a breeze.

The transition of having the baby was, like, flawless. Like, no transition. He was there and then it was just natural. He cries and talks. He’s got two little teeth. I think he definitely knows that I’m someone special and that I feed him. I’m the milk cow!

Still, she admits that he’s starting to give her trouble.

[The flight to Toronto] was the first time Kingston was like, "I’m 6 months old and I’ve got an attitude and I’m going to scream on the plane.’" Last night was a really good one, because he slept four hours in a row. My theory is that nursing gives you superhuman powers. How else could I be doing all this when I’m usually a sleepaholic?

Despite her superhuman powers, Gwen shares that initially seeing her son was a shock to the system. She had to have a cesarean section due to Kingston’s breech position, and seeing him after he was born was a mind-boggling moment. Gwen said,

You’re on so many drugs…When he first came out, he was huge. You can’t picture that was in you. It’s shocking.

What was your first thought upon glimpsing your baby? Were you also taken aback, like Gwen?

Source: Calgary Sun and the Star.

Thanks to CBB reader Jenna.

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