Gwen Stefani and Kingston at L.A.M.B. show

Gwen Stefani brought her favorite accessory to the debut of her Spring ’07 L.A.M.B. line on Friday – her 3 1/2 month old son Kingston! Kingston rocked his L.A.M.B. Love Crib shoes in gold ($50) to support mom.

Why bring-the-baby-to-work on Gwen’s busiest day since giving birth? Gwen’s nanny got sick and had to fly back to LA, but Gwen says, "That’s fine with me! I hate being without him. Having a nanny is like having an extra hand, but he is literally with me all the time anyway…When I was pregnant, it was really hard not to drift away from everything. All I could think about was the baby. It was hard to care about anything else."

"The baby is amazing…He just had his little food backstage, and now he’s having a nap. It’s bizarre how he fits in, and I didn’t know how it was going to work out. He’s just there, and it’s just exciting to know that I can go around the corner and just kiss him if I need to. He’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever experienced. It’s like a three-dimensional amazing thing to my life."

Gwen admitted that, yes, Kingston was dressed in head to toe L.A.M.B., but no, you can’t buy it – it was exclusively designed for him! The Stefani-Rossdale’s will wrap up their busy week by flying from New York to London on Saturday to visit with Gavin’s parents and introduce Kingston to other relatives.

Source: ABACA and Just No Doubt.

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