Gwen, Gavin and Kingston followed by the paps

CBB Reader Alison lives up the street from Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and their son Kingston and emailed us this sighting…

This morning I watched from my driveway as about 4-5 papparazzi in the huge SUV’s swarmed Gavin as he walked home from the park w/ his baby in the stroller. I was kind of appalled, knowing how disoriented I felt after having my baby (now 3 years old). I was tired, nervous, unorganized and unsure of my parenting skills. Watching the whole scene, I felt fascinated, on the other, appalled.

There was no real reason to be taking a picture of a guy walking a baby in a stroller covered by a blanket, yet he is a celebrity and these people’s job is to take his picture.

Are you appalled or fascinated by the paparazzi’s stalking of celebrity parents? Click the extended post to take our poll!

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