January 21, 2015 06:30 PM

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Gwen Stefani‘s children have learned a lot from their fashionable mama — including how to put together the perfect everyday ensemble.

The blonde bombshell — who most recently won the Style Icon award at the PEOPLE Magazine Awards last month — has herself to thank for the creative outfits that her older boys, Kingston, 8½, and Zuma, 6, pull out of their closets.

“The first one loves [to style himself] and the second one is really happy to wear sports outfits,” Stefani, 45, told PEOPLE Tuesday afternoon at SoHo House West Hollywood, where she announced that her MasterCard Priceless Surprises concert will take place on Feb. 7 at the Orpheum in Los Angeles.

And as most young kids go through their minute-long obsessions, Stefani was particularly upset to see one of Zuma’s favorite alter-egos go.

“[Zuma] used to be really into costumes, but he’s out of that now, which is sad because we don’t have a superhero in the house anymore,” Stefani says.

The woman of limitless talents — from singing to fashion designing to being a hands-on mother and wife — loves the constant element of surprise that has become a prominent trend in her life lately.

“I think that’s a theme for me right now because everything that seems to be happening are always things that I’m not planning on, like getting pregnant or doing The Voice and doing new music,” explains Stefani, whose new single “Spark the Fire,” was released in December.

She continues, “I like that I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

But when her focus shifts to solely being a mom, Stefani says that she and husband Gavin Rossdale, 49, love to do “normal stuff like go to the park.”

“We like to do things that are not super structured and not have a super plan about it — just hang out together and let the day be slower because everything goes by so fast,” says Stefani.

While Stefani carts her kindergartener and third grader off to school, there is one person that she can be sure will be by her side — at least for now!

“[The boys are] in school all day, so I try to run around and get it all done while they’re all gone, but I have the baby with me all the time,” Stefani says of her 11-month-old son Apollo.

“I feel really blessed to have all three of them,” Stefani says. “They’re just incredible.”

— Nicole Sands

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