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With half of its members having started a family since their last tour, the dynamics of No Doubt have, indeed, changed since 2004 — and lead singer Gwen Stefani, guitarist Tom Dumont, drummer Adrian Young, and bassist Tony Kanal couldn’t be more thrilled.

“During that time off I did my own records and toured a little bit, but we got No Doubt back together as fast as we could,” Gwen — mother to Kingston James McGregor, 3, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 13 months — says of the group’s hiatus.

“I had two babies. There’s nothing you can do to rush that.”

Once the band found themselves back in the recording studio, the decision to head out on tour – and place songwriting temporarily on hold — was an obvious choice for all. “We tried to write a record and it wasn’t really coming out, so, after I had [Zuma], I suggested going out on tour,” recalls Gwen.

Life on the road has calmed down quite a bit for No Doubt. Although happy to head out to reunite with their fans, the days of carefree partying are long gone for the group.”Normally we have a backstage room for after-show parties,” says Tony. “Now that’s a room for the kids to hang out with their nannies.”

For all involved, the new source of entertainment comes in the form of the additions to the No Doubt family: the children. “It’s three-year-olds running around screaming and fighting,” notes Tom, dad to Ace Joseph, 3 ½, and Rio Atticus, 15 months, with his wife Mieke.

“Our kids are an extension of us. It’s weird to see them playing together as friends. It’s fun actually.”

Traveling in a pack certainly comes with its share of benefits, however. “They all played together then they would go to sleep and we could all hang out together,” explains Gwen. “Once they went to sleep at night it felt like the old No Doubt were together again.” And while nannies were brought along so the parents could catch a few hours of sleep in the morning, days off were spent exclusively with the children. Says Gwen,

“We did lots of stuff we wouldn’t normally do, like go to the zoos. Whatever city we were in, we would find out what would be good to do with the kids, like go to museums for example.”

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Fortunately for Gwen, both her boys have adjusted well to life on the road. Recently in Singapore for the Formula One Grand Prix, the proud mama couldn’t help but boast about her  jet-setting baby boy — and hope for the best for the return to the States! “It was a 17-hour plane ride here. Zuma was amazing on the way over, but I think the flight back is going to be torture,” she admits.

With Kingston — who stayed behind to start preschool — home spending quality time with dad Gavin Rossdale, Gwen is soaking up her alone time with Zuma. “It works out well to have just Zuma with me because now it is one-on-one for him, which is really special,” she shares.

“He has really blossomed in the last few days. It has been perfect. I knew I couldn’t be without him.”

Despite her ability to juggle both her career and motherhood, Gwen warns working mothers to not be fooled! “Some days I am spread so thin that I think, ‘How am I going to do all this?’ But it works out somehow,” she reveals.

Adrian is dad to 7 ½-year-old Mason James with his wife Nina Kent.

Source: Daily Record

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