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Updated August 07, 2007 01:27 PM

Update: We are bumping this post back up to the top after a number of emails from readers, commenting on People and Page Six articles that pull out one of the below quotes from the original article and say Gwen is still nursing. This is untrue — it’s just another case of the media taking quotes out of context.

If they read the Observer article closely, they would see the quote is from the author’s conversation with Gwen before her tour started — back at the beginning of April! As Gwen said many times this past week while doing radio station interviews in Australia, she nursed Kingston for 13 months and just stopped a few weeks ago, in July.

Hopefully that clears things up.

Originally posted August 6th: Songstress Gwen Stefani, 37, made the Australian media rounds while promoting her Sweet Escape shows in the country last week. We have a full interview roundup — Gwen discusses her motherhood fear, nursing, taking Kingston on tour, flights, Gavin Rossdale as a dad, why parenthood keeps getting better, Kingston’s sense of humor, and more.

Click below for all the highlights.

Gwen is currently wrapping up the Australian leg of her Sweet Escape tour and heading off to Japan — with son Kingston in tow, of course! Not that jet-setting with a 14-month-old is easy.

Two-and-a-half years ago, Gwen had famously mentioned that she hoped becoming a mother would ‘save me from my own vanity.’ When she became pregnant, the fear of the unknown grew larger.

Gwen is also aware that the fun is just beginning — and she’s enjoying every stage.

One of the more recent developments is Kingston’s sense of humor, which Gwen relays in a story from the previous evening.

Back in early April, Gwen was open about her nursing experiences with Kingston — then 10 months — telling an Australian reporter in a just-released news piece,

She now confides that ‘I only stopped nursing a few weeks ago‘ at 13 months, having made it a bit over a full year.

Although Gwen may have handled the feeding, husband Gavin Rossdale does his part as well. When asked who changes more diapers, Gwen gives credit where credit is due — but lets listeners know that she still comes out on top.