Gwen Stefani and Kingston Rossdale on the sidewalks of NYC

TMZ caught Gwen Stefani, 38,and son Kingston Rossdale, 20 months, on video while they were waiting for their car at their NYC hotel. As normal toddlers do, Kingston kept running away from Gwen and had to be chased several times by both Gwen and her nanny. They got stuck in a mini-sidewalk traffic jam of strollers and stopped to pet a dog with mama Gwen holding his hand to make sure he was gentle. Kingston even complained like a normal toddler when Gwen tried to put his coat on and was not happy about getting into the car that he took a swipe at her face and grabbed her hair!

Visit TMZ for the video.


The nanny pushes a limited edition Mamas and Papas Ziko in Gold ($860). Only 10 of these strollers were made, one of which went to Gwen Stefani and two of which went to P. Diddy for his twin girls.

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

Does your toddler run away from you on a regular basis?

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