Guy's Infant Gear Diaper Bags

by Sarah, CBB News Editor

Guys Infant Gear offers diaper bags geared specifically towards men. They have two styles – a backpack, called the Tailback, and a messenger bag, called the Flanker. Both bags employ a unique storage and retrival system to help men (and women!) pack and locate what they need quickly.

The bags are divided into specific zones – the Guy Zone provides easy access to the cell phone, car keys and MP3 player. The Comfort Zonelocates the pacifier ring and bottle holder on the outside of the bagto give quick access to the things you need fast and often. Other zonesinclude the Baby Zone for toys and clothes, the Changing Zone which puts the changing pad, diapers and wipes all in one area, and the Neutral Zone which provides extra space so you’ll always have the room you need.

I received the Flanker bag from Guy’s Infant Gear, and used it while atthe library and the indoor pool with my girls I nanny for. The changingpad was especially useful – it flips out easily from the front of thebag, and is large enough to lay the baby on completely with no overhang- a minor miracle! Celebrities that have Guy’s Infant Gear Productsinclude Marc Anthony, Tom Cruise, William H. Macy, Courtney B. Vance, Brendan Fraser, James Denton, and Doug Savant. The bags have been featured in People and Pregnancy magazines, and is an iParenting Award winner.

Guy’s Infant Gear is offering $25 off their bags, exclusively for CBB readers. Click this link, then choose either the Flanker or Tailback. When you click "Add to Cart," you will see that a $25 discount has been activated.

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