Update: Giveaway: Guarantee the Sex of Your Baby

Update: The winners and the old wives tales they’ve heard are…

  • Holly – An old wives tale concerning gender is that your cravings indicated what you were having. Salty cravings indicate a boy, whereas sugary indicate a girl.
  • Sarah – I’ve heard if you have that pregnancy glow and healthy skin and hair, it’s a boy. If your hair and skin turn oily and limp, it’s a girl!
  • Bess – Apparently if a woman is carrying a boy, she’ll want to have sex morethan usual because of the increased amounts of testosterone. If she’scarrying a girl, she has extra oestrogen and doesn’t want her partneranywhere near her. It makes sense, but I don’t know whether it’s trueor not.
  • Lisa W. – I was always told that if you carried high you would be expecting agirl but if you carried low than a boy would be on the way. I carriedhigh both times and had two boys.
  • Gianna – If you check under your tongue and you see more red it’s a girl, and ifunder your tongue it’s more of a blue/vein color your most likely tohave a boy. That’s worked three different times in my family.

Did you try to use a scientific method to choose your child’s gender? Did it work?

Look at celebrity moms like Victoria Beckham and her all boy brood, she says, she wants a girl. But would she try to tip the odds? Maybe. Posh Spice is not alone. For as long as women have been having babies, they have wanted to be able to influence the sex of their babies. Unfortunately the old wives tales that have been passed around are not scientifically based and therefore don’t really work any better than pure luck. The good news is that science has caught up with our desires to be able to choose whether we have a girl or a boy.

Guarantee the Sex of Your Baby: Choose a Girl or Boy Using Today’s 99.9% Accurate Sex Selection Techniques

guides prospective parents step-by-step through the maze of options currently available — from the unpredictable (and now outdated) timing method, to highly effective sperm sorting, to the preimplantation genetic diagnosis, which guarantees accuracy.

The author, Robin Elise Weiss, describes the most advanced methodologies in simple lay terms so that they are easily understood. But Guarantee the Sex of Your Baby does more than explain how the technology works — it prepares the reader for the personal experience of sex selection, fertility drugs, artificial insemination, and/or in vitro fertilization. A bonus chapter details the added medical benefits of genetic testing, including preimplantation screening for single gene defects like cystic fibrosis, B thalassemia, Tay-Sachs disease, sickle cell disease, and Huntington’s disease.

Five lucky CBB readers will win copies of Guarantee the Sex of Your Baby.
To enter, post a comment with an old wives’ tale that supposedly predicts the gender of a baby that you’ve heard (such as carrying high or low). If you don’t know any, then visit www.girlorboy.org and tell us the name of one of the scientific methods for gender selection that Robin’s book discusses. (Giveaway closes Saturday, October 20 at 1 pm EST.)

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