Groovy Girls: A great doll for groovy girls

Manhattan Toy has long been known for its soft toys made with non-traditional fabrics and since introducing Groovy Girls in 1998, the line has become one of the most popular toys for girls in the United States and Europe. Since we gave our daughter Catie her very first Groovy Girl she has never left home without her!

Groovy Girls is an integrated lifestyle brand providing products that reflect and appeal to a girl’s sense of fashion and style as well as her many interests. Each Groovy Girls character has a unique, one of a kind look – just like girls in real life! The brand encourages developing a girl’s sense of self-identity and individualism, celebrates friendship and diversity and validates the fact that girls are important in the world.

This spirit of individuality is what I like best about these dolls. Catie’s doll, Shanna (pictured here) loves her baths (just like Catie!) but the dolls come in all colors and, what I like to call “attitudes.”

Though I am not necessarily anti-Barbie, these dolls are a great alternative for parents who are looking for a toy that represents very little other than how fun it is to be a kid. For a younger child or a child with sensory issues these are great toys that promote tactile sensory because they are made with fabric.

All Manhattan Toy products are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight and many of their original designs have remained consistently popular for decades.

Shop for Groovy Girls at the Manhattan Toy store.

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