The singer said last month that she is "knocked up"

By Ashley Boucher
February 20, 2020 07:53 PM

Grimes revealed on Thursday that she is seven months pregnant, nearly two months after saying on Instagram that she was “knocked up.”

The confirmation of how long she has been pregnant came on Instagram as well, as she promoted a cover story interview with The Face magazine featuring her “digital avatar” on the cover.

“TMI here — but prob out of album stress? x too much work etc I was mega sick last night (it was rough haha ? sorry for tmi) but it rly makes the reason we made the @Warnymph all the more relevant to me cuz I CANNOT DO ANY MORE PJOTOS OR I WILL DIEEE,” the singer wrote in the caption.

“But yes, ??‍♀️?? At 7 months pregnant, I sent my avatar to represent me for the cover of The Face magazine!” Grimes’ baby on the way will be her first with Elon Musk, whom Grimes has been romantically linked to since 2018 when they made their debut as a couple at the Met Gala.

While Musk, 48, has not commented on the pregnancy, he tweeted a baby emoji in response to a tweet that added a song of hers to a video of Musk dancing on a stage at a Tesla event.

Grimes added in her Thursday Instagram caption that one reason she made the avatar, which she calls War Nymph, is because she “knew I might have to delay my album due to the way it’s synching up w my whole health scenario and rly didn’t wanna do that again !”

Grimes, 31, first sparked pregnancy rumors when she shared a baby bump photo on Instagram on January 8, writing in response to a fan’s comment, “Plus being knocked up is a very feral & war-like state of being. Might as well be what it is.”

In another post a few weeks later, Grimes opened up about her pregnancy, admitting that she felt “woefully ill prepared” and asking her followers for advice.

“how do y’all cope with working and having a baby??” the Canadian musician wrote on January 31. “I’m sorry I haven’t been promoting my album properly or on social media more. This whole thing has been a bit of an ordeal. Had some complications early on, a decent second trimester but starting to hurt everywhere at 25 wksz.”

“What were yalls experience w this stuff like? I feel like I was woefully ill prepared cuz I dunno if pregnancy is as visible or discussed as it should be,” she continued. “I just didn’t rly understand what I was getting into.”

Grimes then clarified that pregnancy has “been good too,” but shared that it has made working “a lot harder” for her.

“Good at writing and having lots of wild ideas tho, but anything physical is hard,” she said. “Im also way more emo and less capable of bravery in the face of haters online and stuff haha. But my albums out in a sec so I prob need to get back on here. Don’t mind my emo energy, but curious what other ppls experience was like ??? I didn’t even google it, I was just like sure y not hahaha smh.”

Elon Musk, Grimes
Neilson Barnard/Getty

In her interview with The Face, Grimes said that she’s already been thinking about baby names.

“I don’t want to say,” she said when asked what names she’s considering, adding, “But, annoyingly, some of the memes about my naming ideas are on point.”

She also said that her baby “has already been exposed to a lot of techno in the womb” and that while she probably won’t rave with her child, “children need to get into raving.”

“I don’t think kids and adults need to rave together,” she said. “But I wish I had discovered dance music at an earlier age. I don’t have a problem with late bedtimes/​nocturnalism. Unless there’s some health risk I should know about. The baby has already been exposed to a lot of techno in the womb.”

“I’ll probably have to send them to live in the woods with my grandpa periodically so they aren’t too spoiled,” she added. “He’s very intense. Lots of physical labour in the cold and whatnot, haha.”