The RHOC alum and longtime partner Slade Smiley welcomed daughter Skylar Gray on Wednesday, July 10

By Claudia Harmata
July 17, 2019 10:55 AM

Gretchen Rossi isn’t letting haters ruin her first week as a mom.

On Tuesday, The Real Housewives of Orange County alum took to Instagram to clap back against the critics who have been berating her for not posting a photo of her newborn daughter, Skylar Gray, after she gave birth last week via cesarean section.

In a post to her page, she directed followers to her Instagram Stories where she shared her thoughts, and told the haters that they “can go suck it.”

“I got back on my social today for the first time in six days after having major abdomen surgery and bringing a new life into this world,” her post began, “and I have to say I was not only shocked by some of the comments on my last post but super hurt and disappointed by some of your guys attitude about how I have not shared pictures quite yet, and the attitude that I owe you something.”

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“First let’s be clear I don’t owe any of you who are making these ridiculous comments anything,” she added.

Rossi, 41, then continued to defend herself for taking time away from her phone and social media, explaining that there was a lot to learn as a new mom, as well as a lot of recovery needed from the surgery.

“Second I was in the hospital recovering from a major surgery for 4 days and 3 nights, was in a ton of pain because of what had to happen during surgery,” she said. “Not to mention all the whole being a brand new first time Mom and having to take care of a newborn, and learning how to breastfeed… all the while being emotional and physically exhausted.”

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Gretchen Rossi/Instagram
Gretchen Rossi/Instagram
Gretchen Rossi/Instagram

Rossi and longtime partner, Slade Smiley, who endured multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and a vasectomy reversal, were elated when they first found out about the pregnancy. The couple welcomed baby Skylar on Wednesday, July 10. But the new mom revealed that the first few days of motherhood were “difficult” and she was not at all “concerned about posting” on her social media. The former Bravo personality and Smiley, wanted this time to bond with their new daughter.

“Also, we really wanted to take some time to bond and get to know our little girl!!” she wrote. “To me that is called being a good Mom!”

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Gretchen Rossi/Instagram
Gretchen Rossi/Instagram
Gretchen Rossi/Instagram

Rossi then told her haters to get off her page if they planned to make “ridiculous, rude, or false comments” about why she abstained from sharing a photo of her daughter, and told them their “audacity” in making those comments “is quite honestly gross.”

She then urged the critics to unfollow her if they had a problem with her decision, and thanked those followers who have shown her support and kindness in this new chapter of her life.

“For all of you who have left beautiful kind messages thank you from the bottom of my heart (for knowing my true heart) and giving us space to post on our own time while we bond with our baby girl,” she said, while promising that photos will be uploaded soon.