July 31, 2007 11:27 PM

Actress Gretchen Mol, 34, who’s expecting her baby boy — ‘as far as we know, unless the doctors are wrong‘ — in mid-September, is currently experiencing the bane of many mom-to-be’s existence — unsolicited advice. However, Gretchen finds that a morsel from mom about the women who have gone before seems to be the best.

Advice is coming at me from all directions, and in a way, it’s hard to sift it all down. I feel like the best advice is trust your instincts. The best advice is probably from my mom: ‘We all got here somehow, and it’s all natural.’

I think that’s probably the best advice to hang onto when you start getting freaked out about any of it, whether it be the birth or the pregnancy or the weird things happening. How do you know how do to that? I think you just trust that somehow we all made it. You look around, and there’s tons of people moving around the world.

The Ten star, who says she ‘doesn’t feel right‘ about choosing a moniker for her son before his debut, reveals that she and husband, director Tod ‘Kip’ Williams, have ‘gone through tons of names‘ anyway.

[I’m looking forward to] just meeting him. No name. I have a feeling I’m going to end up with a short list –- and then finally see who he is, and hopefully he’ll say ‘I’m so-and-so.’ I have so many girls names that I love, but boys names I find a little more difficult.

Click below for the rest of the interview, including what Gretchen ‘takes liberties’ with and when she thinks pregnancy is ‘everything that you are.’

Gretchen, who’s keeping in shape with prenatal yoga, shares that her pregnancy has been ‘pretty smooth’ — save the first three months.

I think always the first few months when you’re not even supposed to talk about it is when it’s everything that you are. I did not feel well in the first three months, so that was probably the most difficult time. Once you get through that, it’s fun. Then you start to show, and that’s fun. You don’t just feel big anymore. It’s been great.

Keeping her fueled are sweets, which Gretchen admits she may be overdoing.

I don’t really have cravings, but I definitely take liberties with dessert. I feel like ‘Now’s the time – go for it.’ Ice cream with chocolate. The other day, I was walking down 14th Street and there was a Baskin Robbins. I went to Baskin Robbins three times in one week. I also like Cheerios.

On her return to work, Gretchen doesn’t like to think too far in advance.

Right now there are so many unknowns. I don’t even know when I’m really going to feel like I want to go back to work. I know that I will, and I will know that I’ve missed it a lot in my time of not doing it. It will be interesting to see what comes along now that I have this experience.

It’s hard to know or have some grand plan of what you want to do next because as soon as you say that, it’s not going to happen. These things are little surprises that come down the pike. I can see myself feeling differently about the parts and being a little more picky about them.

Source: OK!

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