February 24, 2011 02:00 PM

Courtesy Green to Grow

Finding the right bottle for your colicky baby is a lot like digging for treasure. You earnestly sift through a lot of junk, only to end up empty-handed.

Well, consider your luck changed with Green to Grow‘s new Mellow colic-relief nipples ($5.49 per pack of 3). Made with super soft non-toxic silicone, they feature a built-in vent at the base that cuts down on the amount of air your baby sucks in.

Available in three flow speeds (beginner, intermediate and expert), the nipples will work with your bottles at home or you can pair them up with the company’s adorable, BPA-free collection.

The best part? Unlike other anti-colic bottle systems — which come with loads of parts — there’s less to wash. It’s no wonder celeb moms Kelly Preston and Bethenny Frankel are fans.

Now that you’ve struck gold (read: less gassy tot), make sure to check out the brand’s other cool products including sippy cups, stackers and burp cloths.

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