Update: Contest: Win a Green Me! pack from Green Dimes!

Update: The winners are:

  • Jennifer, who said, "I’ve tried to teach my son to use less water (like when he is brushing his teeth or washing his hands); he knows to put paper, plastic, and cans in their recycling bins; he helps pick out vegetables at the local farmers market; and he helps us to remember our canvas bags when going shopping."
  • Heather, who said, "Yes, my older children are very aware of our Earth and keeping it clean andhealthy. They are most concerned with garbage (keeping it to a minimum),recycling and finding ways to reuse things."
  • Tisa, who said, "My youngest daughter just naturally starting looking forways around our house to help out. All 3 of my kids have been raised aroundrecycling materials that they don’t even think twice about it. The kids alwayscheck to make sure that all the computers, appliances, etc are unplugged after use."
  • Carrie, who said, "Our kids have started a recyling program in our house and each week wesee how little "waste" we are actually throwing away in our garbage.The kids have started helping at the grocery store finding productswith limited packaging. Each of us and our kids have a reusable lunchset, including thermos, sandwich containers, utensils, lunch bag, evenhave a cloth napkin they bring home and wash. They are proud to saythey are not contributing to the landfill each day."
  • Breanna, who said, "I have been teaching my sons (ages 5 & 2) that it is important notto leave lights on in the house when we are not in the room because itwastes energy. Our newest topic is where paper comes from and why weshouldn’t waste it."

Most of today’s busy parents want to protect our planet for the future of their children, and it can seem like an overwhelming task to take all of the steps necessary to make a difference. GreenDimes, the nation’s leading junk mail reduction service, is helping parents make small changes that can have considerable long-term effects.

By signing up for Green Me!, GreenDimes’ premium service at www.greendimes.com, families will receive tools to help them start reducing their negative impact on the environment. For only $42, Green Me! will help families make this difference by providing:

  • One GreenDimes junk mail reduction service (which eliminates up to 90% of your junk mail)
  • One GreenDimes reusable Chico shopping bag
  • One GreenDimes t-shirt (your choice of size and color)
  • Two energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • One “Little Critter: It’s Earth Day!” children’s book (available while supplies last)
  • Ten trees planted with GreenDimes non-profit partners – 5 at sign up and the remainder when members add their first five catalogs

You can win one of five Green Me! packs. Click Continue Reading for the details!

Enter to win one of five Green Me! packs(a $42 value)! Email the following info to celebritybabyblogATgmail.com (make sure you replace AT with @).

  • Your full name, mailing address, and email address.
  • How many pounds of junk mail has GreenDimes stopped to date? (Visit www.greendimes.com for the answer and much more.)
  • How have you gained your children’s help in lessening your family’s carbon footprint?
  • Make sure you put "Green Dimes" in the subject line in order for your entryto be counted.

Any entries that don’t include all of the info will not be counted. The contest closes April 9 at 7 am EST. (For terms & conditions, click here.)

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