Great Canadian Babywearing Round-up

As a Canadian, I’d like to share with you some of the fine babywearing options that come out of the Great White North — comfortable, trendy, and downright beautiful, these great Canadian carriers are sure to wow you.

— Stephanie

Part 1: That’s a Wrap!

Since my daughter practically lived in a stretchy wrap for the first six months of her life (including all of the ones I’m about to mention!), I want to start this babywearing round-up in the wrap department. Wraps are long pieces of fabric (in these cases, stretchy fabric) that are tied around the wearer’s body and then hold the baby snugly against it. Wraps can seem complicated to the uninitiated, but please (please, please, please!) trust me… a little practice is well worth the effort. In no time at all, it will be easy to wrap your baby and the benefits will be jaw-droppingly amazing!

Part 2: (Ring) Sling Your Heart Out

Want flexibility with a carrier? A ring sling is a great option. Ring slings are made from a long piece of fabric with two rings on one end. The fabric is threaded through the rings to create a pouch part for holding baby and a tail that the wearer adjusts by pulling it through the rings. Ring slings work for multiple wearers and all ages of children. I love having a ring sling around for quick trips to the corner or for tucking into the stroller in case my daughter decides she’s done with rolling and ready to be closer to mama. Other benefits: the tail comes in handy. It makes a great sun cover, nursing cover, corner-of-toddler-mouth-wiper, and more.

Part 3: I’ll Vouch for these Pouches

My favorite diaper bag go-to carrier has to be a pouch. They’re just what they say they are: tubes of fabric folded into themselves to create a pouch that goes all the way around the wearer. Baby can be placed into the pouch in a number of ways, making the pouch another carrier that lasts through all ages. The only tough part about using a pouch is that they have to be sized to fit the wearer, so you have to make sure you get your measurements right. And, unless he’s the same size as you are, you can’t share them with your husband (but that’s okay — it just means you get to pick a girly print and keep it for your very own!).

Part 4: Three Cheers for Three-Piece Carriers!

I had never heard of a three-piece baby carrier until I started research for this review. And am I ever glad to have discovered them! They’re comprised of three separate pieces (guess that part’s obvious): two pouch-like tubes and one wrap-like piece of long fabric for a waist sash. The pouches are pulled onto the wearer in a criss-cross pattern and the baby gets tucked into them (different ways, depending on the carry). The waist sash is optional for most carries and can be used to add extra support, when needed. Ultimately, a three-piece carrier is like having the ease of a pouch and the two-shouldered comfort of a wrap.

Round-up Part 5: Last but Certainly not Least

A couple of other spectacular carriers didn’t fit neatly into any of the other categories I’ve reviewed. So I’m giving them their own chance to shine.

Now that you’ve read about so many Canadian baby carriers, perhaps you’ll decide to take one (or more!) for a spin. And if you have others that you’ve loved with your little ones, please continue to mention them in the comments below. A little bonus to keep in mind… with the exchange rate the way it is right now, you’ll be getting an even greater deal when you order from your neighbors to the north.

Are there other Canadian carriers that you’ve loved with your little ones? Please mention them in the comments below.

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