Grease Is The Word panelist Sinitta adopts two toddlers

Actress and singer Sinitta, 39, most recently seen as the panelist in UK series Grease Is The Word and her husband Andy Willner, 47, have adopted two toddlers, a brother and a sister. Sinitta talked about adoption in June and the couple completed the adoption process by Christmas, bringing home Magdalena, 2, and Zac, 1.

The couple had been trying to have children on their own, but when a surrogate mother miscarried twins last summer at 8 weeks, they decided to turn to adoption.

I just thought they’d send me some details, but they asked me some questions and gave me a date for a training course where prospective adopters learn about the whole process — and they find out about you.

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The process was difficult for her since she was asked a lot of personal questions.

Some of the questioning was unpleasant. Like how did I feel about my father not being around when I grew up. Also I was separated at birth from my sister Greta, and we went into foster homes.

Some evenings I’d be in tears — I hadn’t thought about those things for ages.

When singer Madonna‘s adoption of baby David from Malawai was announced, Sinitta became desperate for the process to quicken.

I rang the social worker in tears. I said, ‘I know I am not a big, big celebrity like Madonna, but please can you speed it up?’

Finally she was told that there was a little girl, but she had a younger brother and the social services wanted them to be adopted together.

I told Andy there was a little boy as well. I always thought we would have two children — I could hardly believe this.

Magdalena and Zac had been sent to separate foster homes at birth and Sinitta was at first worried if she could offer her love to both of them.

I was so in love with Magdalena that I didn’t know if I could love another baby. I was scared I wouldn’t have any feelings for the little baby boy.

When we arrived, his foster mother put him in my arms and I thought he was gorgeous. Later, when I had him for short visits as part of the adoption process, Andy would text me and say, ‘Don’t eat the baby’ because I found him so gorgeous.

When the siblings finally met, it was a moment of happiness.

It was as if they knew they had found each other and they were going to be OK.

Now she is happy that she finally has a family.

I am addicted to motherhood. I thought by now I would have calmed down but I am still delighted every time I hear a murmur in the night, because it means I can go to them. Andy has to stop me waking them up — I am so in love with them.

It is exhausting and truly amazing to realize someone so tiny and helpless looks to you for guidance and protection. It is a huge responsibility. I have to be here and get it right for these little people. I can’t help spoiling them though.

X Factor and American Idol judge Simon Cowell is their godfather — and, according to Sinitta, is smitten with them.

He is like a child with them. You try to teach them manners, then they have lunch with Simon and the mash is flying and he’s feeding them chocolate. He thinks they are great. He says Magdalena is on his wavelength.

The rest of the X Factor judges – Sharon Osbourne, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh have also met with Magdalena and Zach.

Sharon was so encouraging — she always said she thought I would make an amazing mother.

Dannii was very excited about meeting the children. She and Kylie are talking about maybe adopting. Dannii said it was something she might like to do — I don’t know if it is because she can’t have children. Kylie said congratulations, and Louis thinks I have done something really good.

Sinitta would like to expand her family more — by ways of adoption like ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie, who also congratulated her.

Andy says two children, max. But I insist, if I win the Lottery we can afford to have more. I know Andy would buy his own golf course. But I’d be reaching for the Yellow Pages [for an adoption agency]. I am so in love with my kids… I absolutely adore them.

Source: Sunday Mirror

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