"This is something we have dreamed of," photographer Gray Malin wrote on his blog of expecting twins with husband Jeff Richardson

By Dana Rose Falcone
September 16, 2018 01:51 PM

Christmas will be filled with even more joy this year for fine art photographer and bestselling author Gray Malin and his husband Jeff Richardson.

Malin announced on Instagram on Sunday that the husbands, married since 2012, are expecting twins this winter.

“I am filled with joy to share we are welcoming a baby boy and baby girl this December!” Malin, 32, wrote on Instagram. “I wrote a special post about our journey, and how it all began at the link in profile. Looking forward to our biggest adventure yet!”

“I hope you can understand how unbelievably exciting it is to share the news that we are having twins,” Malin — who counts stars like Reese Witherspoon and Whitney Port as fans of his work — wrote in the post on his website. “I know everyone’s journey is different but from the day I met Jeff twelve years ago to now, this is something we have dreamed of and I truly cannot believe we will soon have a baby boy and baby girl in our lives!”

Malin explained that he and Richardson first met with a fertility doctor in 2016. “If you want to get pregnant and cannot biologically do so (such as two men) you must first find an egg donor,” Malin wrote. “This is a lengthy process. Hopefully the donor will produce many healthy eggs to be fertilized with your specimen. Once the eggs are fertilized, they are graded from healthiest to unhealthiest and the best ones are frozen. For us, this process alone took one year.”

He also shed light on the couple’s experience with their surrogate, who is currently 24 weeks pregnant. “After the embryos are frozen you typically have a lawyer and use an agency to match you with a surrogate. This also takes time; with a little patience and a lot of trust, there are many wonderful surrogates out there,” Malin penned. “We were incredibly lucky to find ours only a few hours away from our home in Los Angeles. In fact, we were in the room the day they implanted the two embryos and it just happened to be the same day we met, April 17th – but 12 years later.”

Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

“Watching the development of them at each ultrasound is absolutely mesmerizing and hearing their heartbeats makes me quiver with a feeling I cannot describe,” shared Malin.

The couple hasn’t picked out names yet, but they jokingly refer to the babies as “peanut butter” and “jelly” — nicknames their surrogate’s child came up with.

“I used to joke with Jeff that the best Christmas gift he could ever give me was a puppy that pops out of a present with a big bow around his neck,” Malin continued. “Well, the puppy has quickly been forgotten as all I can dream about now is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”