Granger Smith and Wife Amber Reveal New Baby's Name and the Unique Way It Honors Late Son River

The couple's son, River Kelly, died at the age of 3 after an accidental drowning at their Texas home in June 2019

granger smith
Granger Smith and wife Amber's pregnancy announcement. Photo: Paul De La Cerda

Granger and Amber Smith have revealed the name of their baby on the way!

On Tuesday, the couple announced in a clip on their YouTube channel that they have chosen the name Maverick Beckham for their son due in August.

In the video, the couple explained how the special name will honor their late son, River — but in its own unique way.

"I really wanted Riv to be in the name, whatever name we picked, I wanted Riv to be a part of that name. We went back and forth - should we do middle name Kelly? Or should we do middle name River?" Amber, 39, explained. "I wanted this baby to have his own identity, and I didn't want him to be so tied to River. But I did want him to have a little piece of his brother in his name."

Continuing, Amber said: "And Beckham, his middle name, essentially means 'home by the river.' So Maverick Beckham Smith is the newest Smith, coming with a vengeance, kicking like crazy!"

In June 2019, the country singer, 41, shared the "unthinkable" news that their son, River Kelly, 3, died "following a tragic accident" at their Texas home. The grieving parents will never know how he managed to enter into their fenced pool, which led to his accidental drowning, but have since become advocates for children's safety around water.

Granger Smith, River
Granger Smith and late son River. Granger Smith/Instagram

In March 2021, the couple announced they were expecting their fourth child — a baby boy— due this summer. The road to parenthood wasn't an easy one, however. The Smiths turned to in vitro fertilization, as they had planned for River to be their last child and Amber had her tubes tied after he was born.

But things changed when the "Merica" singer realized he had "extra love to give as a father," and they learned IVF was a way around the fact that Amber's surgery was irreversible.

Tragedy struck again, though, when Amber miscarried with the first of the two viable embryos they produced via IVF. Thankfully, their second embryo stuck — and now the family is excited to meet their new bundle of joy in just a few months.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Granger and Amber said that their older kids — son Lincoln, 7, and daughter London, 9 — can't wait for the new addition.

granger smith
Granger Smith and wife Amber's pregnancy announcement. Paul De La Cerda

"They're so excited," Amber said of her kids' love for their new little brother. "Lincoln kisses my belly every morning and always says goodbye whenever he goes to school. London is excited, too, but [Lincoln] just can't wait for a little brother."

As the Smiths turn the next page in their family's book, the country crooner added that River is "part of many discussions every day," including their "laughter" and "tears."

In fact, "He's so much embedded in our daily lives as a family member that it's just as if he's still with us," Granger said.

Keeping River close, Amber revealed in the YouTube video that if their new baby was a girl, they would have chosen the name Everleigh because it has "Riv" in it, as well.

"I've liked the name Maverick my whole life, and it's always been just an awesome name to me. It could also represent the old cowboy days, and you'd find a calf, and it was off by itself, and you had to search for it — a maverick calf," Granger said of their ultimate choice for their new little boy. "I've always thought it would be cool for a little caboose, a little baby that wasn't really supposed to be here, but is now … he's like the maverick baby of the Smiths."

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