I saw the new Graco AirBooster Car Seat last year and wanted to test it with Anya but I knew that it would be quite a while before she was ready for a booster. I asked our next door neighbors, who have a four year old son, to test it for us.

The coolest thing about the AirBooster is that the seat is just like one of those awesome Herman Miller Aeron chairs that retail for upwards of $700, though their name for it is the "FLEX-comfortsuspension seat." It is made of a flexible material that adapts to your child’s weight and size, reduces uncomfortable pressure points, lets air circulate underneath, and wipes clean easily with a damp cloth. It also has an adjustable headrest, deep side wings made with EPS energy absorbing foam, molded arm rests, and dual cup-holders. The back may also be removed. It accommodates children up to 57 inches and 100 pounds — approximately 10 years old. The AirBooster is an improvement on their previous TurboBooster SafeSeat (still available); the main difference is the seat and about $40.

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by CBB guest reviewer Brian

The seat was (actually) surprisingly difficult toput together for having a minimal number of pieces and steps. It is arather simple looking process of putting top and bottom together byinserting one into the other and pushing/pulling at the same time tomake them click together. In reality, it is difficult to do, compoundedby the fact that you feel you are breaking the seat. The remainingpieces easily go together.

Installation is extremely easy as there areno anchors to install and uses the cars shoulder belt, aided by aseries of guides. Only work necessary might be if the child is not ofaverage size and the guides need to be adjusted.

Very good looking seat with a sporty feel. Seems madefor our VW. The mesh seat and back is a nice touch and should keep thekiddo cool when summer weather hits.

Seat is very easy to get in and out of. Thomas has evenlearned how to undo himself to get out. The dual cup holders are anice touch for holding snack and drink.

The Graco AirBooster Car Seat comes in four fashions: cobblestone (tanand cream), rain (grey and cream), storm (grey and black), and cafe(tan and black). It is available both online and in-store for $89.99-99.99.