By peoplestaff225
May 06, 2009 03:30 PM

When my husband and I set out in search of a new baby monitor, we planned on splurging on one of the fancier video models. But, between bulky screens, short service ranges and interference problems, we quickly found that none of video monitors quite fulfilled our needs. In the end we found ourselves with the Graco iMonitor Mini Digital Baby Monitor ($75).

Although this monitor may lack the luxury of a video screen, it has many amenities that set it apart from your standard audio baby monitor. Equipped with a wearable monitor that is even smaller than the latest ultra-compact cell phone and an extend range of 2000’, this little monitor really goes the distance! Not only can I stay in range while moving freely throughout my entire house and yard, it also beeps to let me know I’ve wondered just a little too far. The encrypted digital technology has not only freed me from white noise static of my previous monitor (it’s so quiet my husband and I kept testing it to make sure it was working!), it also allows me to eavesdrop clearly on JUST my son, not the neighbor’s children or phantom phone conversations. Let’s face it, you really never got any good gossip that way anyway!

My only complaints have to do with rechargeable battery features. Although the battery seems to have a sufficient life, once drained, it does take quite a while to completely recharge. Also, the battery life indicator only lights when the battery is already low, rather than indicating how much battery is left all along. That said, battery issues are easily avoided by keeping it on the charger for overnight and longer period listening. Overall, there are a lot of big plusses to the iMonitor Mini. In the end I think you’ll find that even video models can’t kill this audio star!

— Elena