"Daddy's always happy," NBA star Gordon Hayward said in a sex-reveal video shared by his wife Robyn on Monday

By Jen Juneau
July 11, 2018 03:10 PM

Gordon Hayward may have had his sights set on a son.

The Boston Celtics small forward, 28, is already a dad to two daughters — Charlotte “Charlie” Margaret, 2, and Bernadette “Bernie” Marie, 3 — with wife Robyn, and the couple just found out their third child on the way is also a baby girl.

In a video Robyn shared to Instagram Monday, Bernadette and Hayward open the box to discover a bunch of pink balloons, while Robyn and Charlie look on.

“Whoa, it’s a girl,” the dad-to-be initially says, tossing the balloons up in the air while his daughters celebrate. “Bernie, you were right.”

While the girls play with the balloons in the latter part of the video, Robyn asks, “Is Daddy happy?” to which the basketball star replies in a noticeably glum voice before walking away and back again, “Daddy’s always happy.”

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Many users on Twitter commented on the news by pointing out what they thought seemed like disappointment in Hayward’s reaction.

“Does gordon hayward know girls can play basketball too,” wrote one, to which another replied, “I know it’s such a crazy concept to consider that maybe he wanted to raise a child that is the same gender as him, out of this world, really.”

A third user chimed in, “He’s perfectly entitled to be disappointed too. My first kid was a boy and I wanted my second to be a girl. Doesn’t mean I would’ve put the kid in the street if she had been a boy.”

The couple have likely gotten used to summer babies — they welcomed daughter Bernie in June 2015 and Charlie in July 2016 — but No. 3 will be a winter bundle of joy.

“In January we will be adding another baby to the family and we couldn’t be more grateful!” Robyn captioned the reveal clip. “Three babies in three and half years has me thinking we’re crazy, but our lives are already crazy so what’s adding another baby!😬😂💗 #noneofthemwereplannedlol

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Hayward recently opened up on The Life of Dad Show podcast about the values he and his wife strive to instill in their little girls on a daily basis.

“We want them to be confident women. We want them to make sure they’re respectful to other people,” he said. “They’re at a stage where they’re trying to figure out how to share.”

Added Hayward, “They both tend to think that it’s all ‘Mine, mine, mine,’ but we want to teach them how to share and be respectful and at the same time, like I said, be confident in themselves and teach them that they can accomplish anything they want.”