Good Day New York's anchor suffers miscarriage

Good Day New York anchor Jodi Applegate shared her extremely sad and personal news that she has suffered a miscarriage, less than a month after revealing that she and her husband, Rob Nikoleski, were expecting their first child.

Viewers had contacted the show wondering why she hadn’t spoken of the pregnancy recently so Jodi spoke candidly at the end of September 15th’s show.

She told viewers, "This is an unusual thing to bring up. You may have heard I was expecting a baby. My husband and I were overjoyed about it. But in early August, I lost the baby, and I took some time off. And when I came back, I never mentioned what happened. I literally didn’t know what to say or how to bring it up, so I never did. It’s been painful, but we’re doing fine. Thank you for your concern. We’re looking forward to the future."

Source: New York Daily News

Thanks to CBB Reader Angela.

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