By peoplestaff225
Updated October 10, 2008 07:00 AM

Angela’s daughter Isadora enjoying her Little Alouette teethers

One of the joys (and occasional horror) of watching your developing baby grow is the moment when anything within an arm’s reach gets put in her mouth. For our girl Isadora, it seems that nothing satisfies her appetite for chomping quite like a piece of wood. That’s why these lovely hand-crafted wood toys from Little Alouette are such a blessing. Each one is made with care of smoothly carved Ohio Maple and finished with organic seed oil. Sure it may not be flashy, colorful, or cuddly like some of the other offerings we’ve handed her, but its pureness is what makes it so great. We strung some plastic rings through ours and keep it attached to the bar of her stroller, so it’s always there when she gets the hankering for a gnaw. See the range of wooden toys, $15- $21, at Little Alouette on Etsy.

Angela M.