By peoplestaff225
Updated July 06, 2007 09:23 AM

Goober Baby, a Vancouver based company, makes hip and functional accessories for your diaper bag. Headed up by moms Jennifer Bogart and Melissa Krezanski, you’re going to love their products!

The Tote Bag ($18) is not your traditional tote bag, but rather a bag with a clear vinyl front that will fit in your diaper bag! You can use it for snacks, toys, essentials (like that pacifier you can’t leave home without and your babe’s favorite must have items). You can even throw some diapers and wipes in it. Or use it as a wet bag. Currently, Ben’s swimsuit, swim diaper and watershoes live in it. I can stick this in our diaper bag or stroller when we take a walk to the park. With this hot weather, he wants to go in the sprinklers constantly (and I am prepared!). This 8′ by 9′ tote has a snap, clear vinyl lined funky fabric inside (so it’s waterproof) and the backing is soft, soft cotton plush. I’m loving it- I am one of those moms who needs help being organized and this tote is up for the job. I actually am considering ordering a few more. One of the smartest products I’ve seen in a while. It might be good to have a few sizes of this. Maybe slightly larger and slightly smaller.

Don’t miss their Go Baby Change Mat ($30) – this can be used as an all-in-one change mat (something that I LOVE). Throw a diaper or two and some wipes in it and you’re good to go! Or just roll it up and tie it with the coordinating ribbon (and drop it in your diaper bag). The fabrics are fresh, the liner is soak proof and the changing pad is so cushy for baby. I tried out (and LOVED) the Go Baby Change Mat in Sugar Candy. This change mat is definitely worth a spin around the diaper bag (or to be tucked in your stroller basket).

We also saw the oh-so-cute change purse in Candy Stripe ($20) – keep a couple of diapers and wipes in here. Grab it out of your diaper bag or purse when you take your babe to be changed. You’ll love the gorgeous fabric on the outside and the plush lining on the inside. You can also put a myriad of other things in here. The velcro closure ensures that all your stuff isn’t going to pour out. Which is a good thing when your little one grabs it and tries to dump everything out. After your child is long out of diapers, this cute little clutch can store makeup or tolietries.

To buy one of their awesome products, click here.