June 14, 2007 04:30 AM

I love it when I receive a really creative-but-simple product like the Go! Pillow.  After using this just a few days, I found myself wondering how it was that we ever did without it.

The Go! Pillow is basically a tube-like pillow that you can slip onto your arm (like you would your shirt sleeve). The pillow then works as a resting spot for baby’s head when you are holding him in the cradle position.  The pillow contains a retractable blanket that tucks inside the pillow when you’re not using it (so when it’s all rolled up it just looks like a cylindrical pillow). 

The retractable blanket can be used to provide privacy during nursing sessions, or to cover baby up if it’s cold outside.  It can also be used as a changing surface or a soft place to take naps. The really utilitarian parent can even stuff a few diapers and baby wipes into the pillow to have everything in one place.

I used the Go! Pillow on two occasions.  The first was at my little cousins baptism party. The Go! Pillow served as both a changing pad, as well as a nice cover-up for a nursing session.  The second time we used it was for an impromptu nap at grandma’s.  While I wouldn’t use this exclusively for naps, it was a great save for a day where we didn’t plan ahead.

Sheri Sheppard (of Wedding Belles) and Melania Trump both use Go! Pillows with their kids!

Available in a nice selection of colors and fabrics, the Go! Pillow will run you less than $29.95 and can be found at www.simplynecessary.com. Soon you’ll find that you’re taking yours everywhere you go just like us!

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