GloZell Green's Surrogate Is 'Having Complications': 'Her Pelvis Is Actually Splitting'

"You try not to think about the negative thoughts of: 'Okay we've made it this far and we're so close' because anything could happen," she explains

GloZell Green‘s baby is almost here –– and she couldn’t be more excited!

“Those that don’t know that I’ve gone through so many IVF treatments and I’ve gone through six cycles to get this child, that’s on its way via surrogate, biological child — and it’s been great,” the YouTube star, who is expecting a baby girl in August with husband, Kevin Simon, shares.

However, Green, 43, admits that the journey has also been “scary.”

“You try not to think about the negative thoughts of: ‘Okay we’ve made it this far and we’re so close’ because anything could happen,” she explains. “So I tell myself to celebrate all the milestones.”

GloZell baby shower expecting daughter

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“‘Okay, first trimester, yay! She’s the size of this. Now, she’s the size of a coconut, a really heavy coconut,'” adds Green, who was interviewed on the INSTANT stage presented by PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly at VidCon 2016 on Friday. “Along those lines, I’ve been very, very thrilled.”

The mom to-be also enjoys having “good conversation and dialogue” with the couple’s surrogate, Shawna Johnson.

“I’m so thankful that there are people willing to do that — to actually carry a child nine months for someone,” says Green, who reveals that Johnson has “had some complications” along the way.

“Her pelvis is actually splitting, so that is a great sacrifice,” she shares. “It’s been very scary for myself and this pregnancy because of those issues, but I have been keeping positive because the surrogate has been keeping positive and we are almost there.”

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Green, who recently celebrated with a Jack & Jill-themed baby shower in May, only has a “few more weeks” before the arrival of her little girl.


“I’m just counting days, the final countdown,” she says. “I feel like I’m going to be like the ghetto Gilmore Girls because I feel like this child is going to be more mature than I am because just look at me!”

And although there have been “a lot of ups and downs,” Green is ultimately “thrilled and excited” about mommyhood.

“Overall, I’ve been keeping a positive attitude, which helps others,” she says. “A lot of people have been asking me questions about IVF and surrogacy, and I’m glad that I can be a mouthpiece to that. ”

–Mariah Haas

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