'We Found Out the Baby Is Not Going to Make It': GloZell Green's Surrogate Will Miscarry

"Shawna will be having a miscarriage," GloZell Green says of her surrogate

GloZell Green will not be welcoming a second child as she hoped.

The YouTube star was informed on Valentine’s Day that her surrogate, Shawna Johnson, will soon suffer a miscarriage, it was revealed on Monday’s episode of her Awestruck YouTube series Glo All In.

“We found out that the baby is not going to make it,” Green, 44, says in the epsiode. “Shawna will be having a miscarriage. That’s the crazy part about this now — [we’re] waiting. [We’re] waiting on this to happen.”

After a long struggle to get pregnant, Green and her husband Kevin Simon welcomed daughter O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon via Johnson in August. Eager to give her baby girl a sibling, Green began a ninth round of in vitro fertilization last year and was thrilled to find out Johnson was pregnant in late January.

But even as the family celebrated the pregnancy, the doctor warned that Johnson’s pregnancy hormone levels fell into a “low positive” range.

“Whatever these numbers are – these blasted numbers – they just never got higher. Shawna was going in every two days and getting blood tested,” Green says of Johnson, who is a married mother of two.

Green says the nurse who was administering Johnson’s blood tests had been trying to prepare her for the inevitable outcome, but it did not really sink in until her doctor called her last week.

“It was a matter of her health because eventually she would have to pass what was growing inside of her and the medication is stopping her from doing that,” Green says of Johnson, who is currently seven weeks pregnant.

The social media star has repeatedly stated that this most recent attempt to have a child would be her last, but she’s been inspired by Johnson’s resilience and now says she’s willing to try again.

“Shawna sent me a text. She said, ‘Well, I know you said you don’t want to do this again and you won’t do this again, but I’m willing to do it again,’ ” says Green. “If she’s willing to do that then so am I.”

For this 10th round of IVF, Green says she’s going to do everything in her power to make sure her body is ready to produce viable eggs. That includes homeopathic practices like bee stings, cryotherapy, sweat lodges and cleanses in addition to exercise.

“I am willing to do that even harder and for a longer period of time,” says Green. “Also, controlling my diet because I was doing all that, but still eating 12 cupcakes a day.”

Green says she now believes the “10th time’s the charm” and is determined to give her daughter a sibling.

“I think that she needs to play with somebody and have somebody to deal with her parents,” she says. “Who wants to put up with my by herself?”

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