Inside GloZell Green's Sweet Nursery for Daughter O'Zell

GloZell Green talks nursery decorating (including an unexpected bonus) and being a proud new mom to daughter O'Zell


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GloZell Green knew she couldn’t be left to her own devices when it came to decorating her baby girl’s nursery.

“If I had done it, it would have been a green glitter mess,” the Awestruck and YouTube star tells PEOPLE exclusively of her 9-week-old daughter O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon‘s new room.

Instead, Green and her husband Kevin Simon — who are featured in the current issue of PEOPLE — hired designer Wendy Bellissimo for the job.

“They chose some great colors that I never would have been picked out,” Green says of Bellissimo and her husband, Joe.

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But the Bellissimos’ contribution to little O’Zell’s life won’t end with the nursery.

“They were over here so often and my husband and I loved them so much and they really took to O’Zell, so we asked them to be her godparents and they said yes,” Green says. “They have four daughters so they understand girls, and we just bonded while they were putting the nursery together. So that was an extra special gift.”


Courtesy Awestruck


Courtesy Awestruck

Green — who is chronicling her journey through motherhood on her Awestruck series Glo All In — says she’s loved every moment of being mom to O’Zell, but she’s had to get used to getting through the day on little or no sleep.

“Everyone told me to sleep when the baby sleeps, but she sleeps during the daytime and that’s when I have to get stuff done! I’ve been a zombie,” she says.

“I’ve learned how to exist and get work done when you’re exhausted. I’ve finally gotten to that level because at first I had no idea how I was going to do it.”


Courtesy Awestruck

But, she says, it’s all worth it.

“She smiles and she has a really strong will. If she decides she doesn’t want something, there’s no convincing her otherwise,” Green says of O’Zell, who was welcomed via surrogate on Aug. 4. “Sometimes she wants her pacifier, and other times she doesn’t even want it near her. She’s very strong and determined. She’s always trying to stand, and she was born with her eyes open, so she’s ready to go.”

And Green is eager to have her baby follow her footsteps into social-media domination.

“I’ve already got her Instagram account set up, and she has over 110,000 followers. I was like, ‘This is the family business. I’ve got to show her what to do!’ ” Green says. “Plus, I knew my Facebook and YouTube page would be all about her if I didn’t just make a separate one dedicated to her.”

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