November 14, 2014 09:30 AM

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Glenn Howerton‘s life has hit another bright spot: he’s a dad again!

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and his wife Jill Latiano have welcomed their second son, he confirmed to PEOPLE at Thursday’s 7th annual Go Go Gala in Beverly Hills.

“We just had another kid. We really didn’t announce it,” the actor, 38, shares.

Jokes Latiano, “It’s off the grid!”

Now 3 months old, Isley Ray — named after the Isley Brothers — joins the couple’s 3-year-old son Miles Robert, who’s already loving his new role.

“He’s definitely weird like us, but he is definitely his own brand of weird,” shares Howerton of his firstborn. “He’s just funny! He does voices, he makes up nicknames for his little brother.”

“He makes up anything that can rhyme with Isley,” adds Latiano.

As for expanding their family further, the couple always knew they wanted two children — but admit now they’re not completely convinced. “We’ll see if we’re done,” says Latiano.

For now, the family of four have found a routine that works: Latiano takes the late nights while Howerton handles the early mornings.

“I let [Glenn] sleep and he wakes up with our 3-year-old — that’s when I get to sleep,” the new mom explains.

“It’s divide and conquer,” adds Howerton.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander


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