Giveaways: Some happy CBB winners!

You know how we’re always giving away stuff? Do you ever wonder if we REALLY give the stuff away? Yes, we REALLY do. Here are a few CBB Readers who’ve won some awesome giveaway prizes from us.


CBB Reader Carrie P. won the Mom2B Gift Bag from the Mom2B Tradeshow.
I would like to extend my great thanks for the wonderful giveaway package that you sponsored over at Celebrity Baby Blog. I just love all the beautiful items that you included. Some of my favorite things are the Fleurville Diaper Bag (love the pod design!) and the orange/tan Gus & Max baby blanket. The blanket is super soft, and just happens to match my orange and tan Bugaboo Chameleon! My husband and I are looking forward to the days ahead when we will be able to enjoy these gifts with our little baby. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this.

CBB Reader Rayanne G. won the Onesie A Month Club prize from Nina and Tom Family Fashion.
This is an overdue message of heartfelt thanks to CBB and to Nina and Tom Family Fashion for my Onesie-A-Month Club prize! Nina Gatewood contacted me back in June to let me know I’d won and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I am expecting my first baby November 15! I was very impressed with their website and clothing offerings and eagerly anticipated the first shipment in the Fall. Well, I received it yesterday and am so very thrilled at the quality, color and packaging of this very special present.


CBB Reader Chelsea was one of the winners of the CVS/pharmacy PLAYSKOOL basket. I love that she sent photos of herself AND her husband posing with the prize!
I just received my CVS/playskool basket that I won today and wanted to send some pictures like you asked! Also thanks a lot, it has some great stuff in it and it will really come in handy when baby arrives!


CBB Reader Laura won Heidi Klum’s Lemon Lime Dot Car Seat Cover from Bumble Bags.
I just wanted to thank you again for the great car seat cover. It came yesterday. I attached a picture of my little cutie, Elise, 11 months old, showing off her vampire teeth and enjoying her “new” chic seat. (Her brother got his teeth the same way. I’m kind of hoping that she doesn’t get a new tooth until after Halloween cause it’s like having an instant costume.)


CBB Reader April won a pair of BabyLegs Jolly Jack legwarmers.
We received our Jolly Jack BabyLegs in the mail and just wanted to say thanks, we love them!! I’m attaching pictures of my 16 month old and my 4-year old trying them on, luckily they were both wearing their “pirate shirts” that day. Just wanted to say thanks again and that I love CBB, it’s the perfect break in a busy mom’s day!!

Have you won a CBB Giveaway? If so, take a photo of yourself with the prize (or your kids wearing or playing with it) and we’ll post it on CBB!

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