Giveaway: BabyLegs

Want something in common with Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, and Katie Holmes that wouldn’t require plastic surgery? You too could be gifted the most fabulous new trend in baby basics- BabyLegs! These light-weight, cotton leg warmers allow rashed tushies to dry in the breeze whilst precious legs are kept warm and toasty. They also do wonders for the knees of your curious crawlers to prevent minor scrapes while looking oh so fashionable.

Why should you use BabyLegs? Here is our top ten list:

10. Help to keep socks on
9. Jazz up any dance class
8. Feet remain free for successful crawling and walking
7. A fun fashion statement on the arms and legs
6. Keep legs warm year round
5. Light weight sun protection
4. Make elimination communication and potty training easier
3. Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces
2. Make diaper changes a breeze
1. Give baby’s diaper rash “air time” while keeping legs warm

Together with BabyLegs, we are giving away a gift basket of BabyLegs worth over $200. The basket is filled with a plethora of designs, such as: Bubble Gum, Bumble Bee,Argyle,and Rainbow (BabyLegs best-seller). So make haste and enter towin your free gift basket of BabyLegs today! This is about 15 pair depending upon the selection. The winner will have enough for themselves and gifts for friends.

Click here to enter!

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