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  • Monique who said, "We feel like science projects. I am six months pregnant with my seconddaughter and work in a mall. There are many ultra skinny, young womenasking me crazy questions all the time and staring each day to see howmuch I have grown. It try not to let it get me down, but I know it canbe annoying for all women. I think it is hard to watch yourself growand constantly wonder if you will ever be the same size you were beforeyou got pregnant. And at the same time, you are trying to remindyourself how excited you are and what a fascinating process the wholething is… Who cares if you are big jolly mama! It is a catch twentytwo that women easily get caught in."

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  • Diane who said, "I think the biggest reason expectant women feeldissatisfied with their changing bodies is partially because they feel they haveno control over the changes. And, I think a lot of anxiety and worry comesinto play when women start thinking about what their bodies will look like afterthe baby is born. "
  • Victoria who said, "The biggest reason expectant women feel dissatisfied with their changing body is that society does not celebrate the beautiful pregnant body and instead, embeds the idea that women should always be skinny. It’s extremely difficult to feel happy about your changing body when you are bombarded with images telling you how skinny you should be after birth. I would not say it is their fault, but celebrities help perpetrate this notion by looking like they did pre-baby just weeks after giving birth. Normal women that don’t have trainers, chefs, stylists, most often do not look like that after having a baby."
  • Kelly who said, "The biggestreason women feel dissatisfied with their changing bodies is that thereis a lack of control over what is happening to your own body. In anera where women are told that they can have it all and they are incontrol of their own destiny, pregnancy seems to be one of the onlyarea where we do not have complete control over what happens to ourbodies."
  • Caryn who said, "I feel there is a lot of pressure for women to look a certain way. Weight is just one issue women struggle with (in general) and with celebrities as role models women feel they should look the way they do (which is often very skinny). When society promotes skinny as beautiful, it makes women feel they need to fit that mold. When a woman becomes pregnant, she is supposed to gain a certain amount of weight. But for a woman who has been struggling with body image (maybe even her weight) gaining weight during pregnancy (a normal thing) can make her feel unattractive. She may also worry about whether or not her body will ever look the same. Pregnancy is beautiful and the result is truly an amazing miracle. I actually struggled with weight gain when I got pregnant with my son (because I struggled with my weight all my life). Then I was put on bedrest and could not do the things I wanted to maintain some sort of activity (like prenatal yoga). It was very frustrating and damaging to my self image. In retrospect, I wish I would not have been so concerned with my weight and focused on enjoying the growing miracle inside me. (sorry for the long answer but this is an issue that is really important to me). I really want women to embrace their growing, changing bodies during pregnancy because it is truly miraculous."
  • Jessica who said, "I think that women feel dissatisfied because they look SO different from whatwe think the “ideal woman” looks like. Also, many of the “side-effects”(ie. Stretchmarks, saggy breasts, etc) are often covered up and a pregnant womanusually doesn’t see them in their full glory until they’re on HER."

Do you agree with the things these readers said?

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