Giuliana Rancic denies pregnancy rumors -- blames Ryan Seacrest

Even though E! News correspndent Giuliana DePandi Rancic has previously stated that she can’t wait to start a family, that doesn’t mean that she is pregnant. The 33-year-old is denying rumors that she and husband, season one Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, are expecting their first child.

No, I’m not pregnant!

And just how did the rumors get started? Giuliana has her own idea.

I bet Ryan Seacrest [her co-host] started the rumor. Ryan has this thing with co-hosts where he busts their chops –- like with Randy [Jackson] and Paula [Abdul] on American Idol –- and I get it too. So he probably started telling people, ‘Oh, so many people around the office are pregnant, so and so, and me!’ And now when I do get pregnant, no one will care.

Source: People

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