June 05, 2012 11:00 AM

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Giuliana Rancic may look like a sweetheart on TV — and who is to say she isn’t? — but she also has a fiery side.

“I’m a hot-headed Italian chick, so I can be pretty strict,” the E! News anchor, 37, told PEOPLE at Palazzo Las Vegas’s Simon G. Jewelry Summer Soiree on Saturday.

The revelation came after Rancic was asked whether she or husband Bill Rancic would be more of a disciplinarian for their first child, who is expected in late summer via a surrogate. They’ve decided against announcing the sex of the child.

“If we have a [son], Bill will be the disciplinarian. The reason being that when you have a mother-[son] bond, he’s like your prince — you don’t want to discipline him,” she notes.

“And then there’s daddy’s little girl, he’ll never want to discipline her. But to be honest, chances are I will discipline, because I’m a crazy Italian chick.”

One thing they can agree on is the need to start prepping their new house for the baby. In her ideal world, though, this won’t be the only time they’ll ever prep a nursery.

“I want a big brood. Bill could be one and done,” she explains. “My motto is, five and done.”

— Mark Gray

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