April 21, 2010 06:00 PM

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When Giuliana and Bill Rancic found themselves without a pregnancy to announce on their reality show, the couple had to make a decision about just how real they wanted to get.

“It was hard. We kept saying on the show, ‘Oh, we want to have a kid.’ The results would come back privately, and we’re not pregnant so [on the next Giuliana & Bill] we’d be like, ‘Still trying to have that kid!’ It was going nowhere,” the E! host, 35, reveals in an interview with AOL Health.

After close to a year without success, the next step was intrauterine insemination. It was at that time, Giuliana notes, that the pair began to contemplate letting the audience in on their fertility struggles.

“We said, ‘Obviously, we’re not going to show that on camera.’ But then it led to, ‘Are we becoming everything we said we’d never become?’ Which is fake reality people,” she says. “I said, ‘Let’s just be real.’ In the end it was the best thing we could have ever done.”

And while the public’s reaction has been “great” for the most part, Giuliana has received her fair share of criticism for her low weight while trying to conceive. However, she insists putting on a few extra pounds is not the solution.

“I’m in healthier, better shape than most women getting pregnant,” she explains, clarifying that she maintains her weight by hitting the gym every morning.

“The doctor told me, ‘Gain five pounds.’ I gained seven. I didn’t get pregnant. And I got mad at the doctor. I did everything he wanted me to do.”

Determined not to let their relationship suffer despite the setbacks, Giuliana and Bill focus on the positive — and the humor!

“We make fun of each other,” Giuliana — who is currently going through the first round of IVF — shares. “He calls me ‘Old Eggs,’ so then I started calling him ‘Old Sperm.’ You can’t always have these deep conversations.”

— Anya Leon

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