GittaBags: The best diaper bag I own

After more than a year of carrying my GittaBag on adaily basis I thought it was time to post a proper review about this diaper bagthat has absolutely changed my life.

It’s really rare to find a GittaBag in the United States and I’m not really sure why people haven’t caught onto how great they are. Madein Israel by a mother of three, these versatile bags are made of the highest qualitymaterials. My model, the 108, is pretty largebut there are others that are smaller, as well as different styles (including totes, children’s bags and many accessories, among others).

My bag, pictured here, is the only diaper bag we use on a daily basis. Anyone who cloth diapers knows what it’s like to try to find a diaper bag that fits everything you have to carry with you — well this diaper bag even has a wet bag built into it. Talk about a cloth diaperer’s dream bag!

Other things I love about this bag include:

  • it has both shoulder straps and an adjustable shoulder strap (I find that I am always using it like a backpack whereas my husband doesn’t
  • it has stroller straps too so regardless of what kind of stroller you have there is a way to hang it from the handlebars
  • the main compartment is large enough to hold my pattemm pad
  • the rear compartment holds all your diapers and opens up into a changing pad

Other things you might love about this bag:

  • it has a thermal bottle holder
  • it has a wallet compartment and another one for your cell phone
  • it has both internal clip (for keys or pacifier..actually, I should have listed this as a plus b/c I need it for my keys which I am always losing) and an external clip (for toys or a pacifier).

Like I said, my particular model is very large but they have almost identical models that are a bit smaller. Now that we are transitioning out of diapers and have less to carry we still find ourselves reaching for this bag on a daily basis.

I had a hard time finding anywhere legit that sold it but found some models on and However, you can always place an order directly from GittaBags by calling their toll free number: 866-808-2626.

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