With her twin sister Patricia's wedding approaching, the supermodel brings her newborn home to meet her extended family

By Charlotte Triggs
March 23, 2010 12:15 PM
Credit: Flynet

Gisele Bündchen isn’t wasting any time introducing her newborn to Brazilian culture. Baby Benjamin, her 3-month-old son with husband Tom Brady, 32, is currently on his first international trip, visiting mom’s homeland for the next week.

The supermodel, 29, landed in São Paulo Tuesday for a series of public appearances for her brand of flip-flops and Pantene – she s the Brazilian spokesperson – and her twin sister Patricia’s wedding in the coastal town of Porto Allegre over the weekend.

And although she’s getting back to work, the supermodel has been clear that her main focus nowadays is her son. “My life now is 24/7 dedicated to him, everything is functioning around him,” she told the Brazilian TV show Fantéstico last month. “It’s like donating yourself. You don’t think about yourself anymore. I’m breastfeeding every two or three hours, [so] you don’t sleep well. You forget everything after looking at the face of a little angel. Anything else doesn t matter – just him who really matters.”

And this won’t be the last time Benjamin visits Brazil, where he will meet Gisele’s grandparents for the first time. “I only talk in Portuguese when I’m with him. I think he must get used to the language and learn it; is important to be bilingual,” she told Brazil’s Folha de São Paulo newspaper. “He is American and will live inside this culture with English as his first language; his dad is American. But [that] doesn’t change the fact that he’s half Brazilian,” she added to Fantéstico. “He’s not just Brady, he’s a Bündchen too.”
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